2nd December, 2014

Please join us for the eighth in the Pelmeni series on 2nd December, 2014. Our seasonal reading has Eve Grubin, Kathryn Maris, Nicholas Murray and Chrissy Williams plus readers from Pelmenis Past in a wonderful, eclectic evening of fine poetry. Please click on ‘poets’ link to see all Pelmeni readers.

6.30pm for 7.00pm
Don’t worry if you miss the start – you’re welcome to join us at any point of the evening!

The Duke of Wellington
119 Balls Pond Road
London N1 4BL
020 7275 7640

Previous readings in 2012 – 2014

September 2014

One of our best evenings with a wonderful mix of voice and expression from Simon Barraclough, Keith Jarrett, Maria Jastrzębska, Denise Saul, Deirdre Shanahan and Roisin Tierney. Fantastic poetry with a lovely crowd!

December 2013

Our first anniversary celebration saw Jane Clarke, David Crystal, Chris Meredith, Rosie Shepperd and Stephen Watts all reading for us on December 2nd 2013.

June 2013

A fantastic evening with the award-winning Punjabi essayist and poet, Amarjit Chandam; the lyrical South African poet, Isobel Dixon; the accomplished fiction writer and poet, Martina Evans; Iraqi poet, novelist and painter, Fawzi Karim; the Shetland-based poet, novelist and critical writer, Sheenagh Pugh and the acclaimed Dublin-born poet, Roisin Tierney. Another full house ensured the usual warm and spicy Pelmeni atmosphere.







In February 2013, a group of Pelmeni readers were interviewed on the US public radio station, KUSP.
Please follow the link below:

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