Christopher Meredith

Christopher Meredith is a novelist and poet from Wales. He works mainly in English, though one of his books for children is in Welsh. He also translates from Welsh into English and he has edited several books. He lives in Brecon and until October 2013 he was a professor of creative writing at The University of South Wales (formerly The University of Glamorgan). His most recent novel is The Book of Idiots, was published in April 2012 by Seren and his newest collection of poems is Air Histories, also from Seren, was published in spring 2013.

The Book of Idiots

“This is a novel about the seriousness of play, about hubris, friendship and sanity against the odds. It is also a literary masterpiece about narrative technique that plays with its own forms (tragedy, farce, romance). It is a thriller in which we guess who survives rather than who will die next.” Western Mail

“A darkly comic triumph full of uncomfortable truths.” ShortList Magazine

“A success that may be unprecedented… The book is subtle. Age-old questions of free will, fate and chance gnaw at the dystopia and questions spring into the reader’s moral mind. Read it. You will hold in your hands a work of consummate skill.” Planet
“A master of dialogue, capturing distinctive speech patterns that reveal the essence of the people behind them…The Book of Idiots impresses at many levels—structure, language, characterization, and insights…deserves the widest possible readership.” Serving House Journal (USA)

Air Histories

“Air Histories successfully pricks both the intellect and the emotions. It connects our own lived histories with moving stories of humanity drawn in a weathered landscape of changing horizons and shifting air.” New Welsh Review

“As with many an offbeat maker, there is passion there,…for the good of the earth, for people.” David Hart in Stride

“A blinding play of images” The Independent

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